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  1. bongimus

    [MOD IDEA] Increase CS military levy period

    Thank you for reading, and thanks for all your hard work! You guys have made this game incredibly fun, and I had an idea I was hoping to share with you guys. Would be amazing if the preset 30-turn period can be increased. As this guide points out, there are already some civs like Hungary...
  2. TheFinalChiTown

    [NFP] [] Levied units disappearing within border of rebelling city

    Patch Conditions: Levied city-state units are set to return to city-state at the end off the turn (levy is ending). These same levied units are within the border of a city that will rebel to become a free-city at the end of the turn. Result: These levied units disappear at the end...
  3. Victoria

    Civ VI Levy Units

    Levy City State Units You can levy a City States (CS) military units if you are currently suzerain of that CS. You can do this multiple times for each CS but if already levying units, you cannot levy more until you are no longer levying units. It costs the base production value of the units...
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