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load screen

  1. T

    BBS and eternal loading screen

    Hi I have unsuccessfully tried to get the Better Balanced Start (BBS) mod to work, but it always ends with the loading screen (please wait) staying forever. Have anyone else had similar problems? It works as soon as I unsubscribe to this mod (having a quality of life mods still on). I tried to...
  2. T

    SDK Map stuck on load

    HI, I have recently started playing Civ V again and everything is awesome. I can also use DLC's without a problem. Few days ago i installed the SDK to create my own Map and also had no issues doing so. But when i start a game choosing the self-created Map, doesnt matter if i select the "play...
  3. nguyenforthewin13

    [BNW] How to create a custom game screen for a scenario?

    I am on the very brink of finishing my Europe 2014 scenario. I have only one last obstacle in my way - how do I create a custom game screen for a scenario? I tried just utilizing the files for scenario load screens for the already existing Earth 2014 scenario to see if that would work, but lo...
  4. esosorcdc

    Editing LoadScreen.lua

    I have a lot of units in my mod and I don't want them all to display in the load screen, I just want one entry to show up that represents all of them. Searching the base game files, I see that file LoadScreen.lua (Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Base\Assets\UI\FrontEnd) is what populates the list of...
  5. nzcamel

    New African Lake...

    I've gotta ask...is that a lake that Firaxis have decided belongs in Libya/Egypt?? :wow: :nope: :lol:
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