1. Blake00

    Cyberpunk Night Themed Scenarios (Blade Runner, Deus Ex, Blood Dragon, Tron, 2077 etc)

    Hey guys, Not normally one to post pitch threads as I normally just 'go and do it' myself when I have cool ideas however with so many unfinished projects I don't know if I'll ever get to this stuff. So I'm kind of creating this thread to 'download' it all out of my head as like with many fun...
  2. TheFjordFox

    Close Combat: Last Stand Arnhem

    Hello there! So; I'm an avid Close Combat fan, and out of all the games in the franchise, Last Stand Arnhem is in my personal opinion one of the better iterations of it. That being said, I am currently doing a playthrough of it for youtube. Now, I've played these games since the 90s, and...
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