missile cruiser

  1. S

    Being attack while in Peace

    I am playing as Spain, I was at peace with all AI Players, then The Roman empire attacked me, I was able to defend myself and captured one of their cities. We briefly had peace and there was a Military Emergency because I captured a city. Immediately I went back to war with Rome and no other...
  2. King Phaedron

    wow Missile Cruisers suck!

    If you stick around long enough, the AI will have lots and lots of Nuclear Submarine Armada's. Even one Nuclear Submarine is a serious threat to an Armada of Missile Cruisers. I understand that they are upgrades of the Privateer's formally used for pillaging and attacking land units, but how...
  3. R

    Producing Battleship Armada, Created Single Missile Cruiser

    I was using the ability to produce an entire battleship armada at once. When I started, it was about 29 turns to complete. After about 25 or so turns of production, I also completed the lasers technology. When production completed in the selected city, a single missile cruiser was produced...
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