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  1. DaggerDigwillow

    What are the best value purchases you’ve made in life?

    Looking for recommendations and stories on the best value purchases people have made throughout their life. This is not for “I bought x stock and made a fortune” or “ I got a great deal on x” but rather “I obtained x item via normal means and this was how it improved my life.” Previous threads...
  2. Iconian

    [BNW] Minimum unit purchase cost

    From what I understand, the minimum gold cost to purchase a unit (and buildings I think?) is 10. Is this a hard limit though, or is there some way to reduce it further?
  3. N

    [Vanilla] I bought the wrong version

    So. I recently bought civ 6 on steam... the wrong civ 6. I purchased the 14.99 one instead of the 19.99 one. Sadly, i am unable to get a refund because i played it for 3 hours. Is there any way to remedy this.
  4. N

    What i'd change (Deity)

    1. AI ability to purchase and attack with an unit at the same turn. Makes the game sometimes so f...ing irritating. Ai has an archer in a city and purchases a Quadrireme. Those two absolutely wrecks an archer and there is nothing you can do about it. 2. Ultra aggression when expanding. Sometimes...
  5. F

    [Vanilla] Make Units 25% cheaper to purchase as a trait?

    How can I make units 25% cheaper to purchase. I want it to cost the normal production quantity, but not the gold quantity. Any tips?
  6. M

    Roads not upgraded when tile is purchased

    Whenever roads get upgraded they happen on the entirety of civ territory. Also when a city expands into a tile that has old road, the road is properly upgraded. However if you purchase (for gold) a tile that has an old road, the road stays as old road until the next mass-upgrade by era...
  7. Temppu

    Improving religious game

    Having been reading this forum for some time, I have got the feel that the religious game feels lackluster to many players. There are three main sources of frustration in the religious game: The Religious units of other players clutter your territory, if you don't beat them. The Religious...
  8. W

    [] Unable purchase to purchase units with gold or faith in online multiplayer

    Hello, Having an issue where I am unable to purchase any units with gold or faith in a multiplayer game. The person I am playing with has got no problems buying things. This has happened in 2 games now, the first game the other person was hosting so I thought that might be a problem and I...
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