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south america

  1. Queen Theophania

    What Native American Civs would you like to see the most in Civ VII?

    Probably the 58th time a thread like this has been created. I'd like to see what Native American groups people here would like to see represented in Civ VII, specially considering that Civ VI did a pretty mediocre job at it (at least in my opinion). I've included a lot of options so hopefully...
  2. MightyToad

    Ironclad Tamandare 2020-12-24

    https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/mighty-ships-et-al.655821/page-14#post-15987331 The Brazilian Ironclad Tamandare.
  3. Moda

    Moda's Huge Americas Map Pack Version 2019-12-26

    A custom true-start map pack containing five huge (106x66) Earth maps themed around the Americas. REQUIRES GATHERING STORM EXPANSION Maps included are: Resources are placed manually, corresponding to real-world deposits and for game balance All Civs are playable on each map. Civs whose...
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