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  1. Voltrock

    Mega pack modern units with Icon 1.0

    In this pack, u have different models like, destroyer, frigate, submarine or fighter. Like Type094, F18F Super hornet, Gripen, Su33, Su30, J31, J16, J15, H6K, Whiteswan, Mi24 differetns skin, mig29 North korea, FREMM, Lafayette, Slava, ... Actually i ve many problem to create xml files, i hope...
  2. Infixo

    Enhanced Naval Warfare for Vox Populi 1.6

    Mod homepage on CivFanatics New naval units in late-game eras so in each one there's a complete set of specific units (no gaps): Dreadnought - Modern Era, naval ranged. Boat Destroyer - Modern Era, naval melee. Attack Submarine - Atomic Era, submarines. Missile Destroyer - Information Era...
  3. S

    Nuclear War, No War Head

    Hi, I have Nuclear Submarine & Plane, I have attacked two opponent cities with Nukes, but now when my turn comes for Nuke Submarine/Plane it shows " No War Head ". Can anyone help how can i attack again with Nukes.
  4. A

    Nuclear Missile animation bug

    It seems that the animation of starting missile from silos or nuclear submarine is broken. When the missile is being launched often 2 missiles show up. When first is before start another is already launched and changes the direction. Both missiles are in the same place. The missile starting...
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