1. sman1975

    "Merlin" Scenario Engine (MSE)

    "Merlin" is the project name for a Scenario Management Engine (SME) that adjusts Civ5 performance and behavior, altering the game so that it performs like it was designed to fight a 50-100 turn war/deathmatch, instead of building a civ that goes from stones to stars over 6000 years. It really...
  2. TheOneHitPupper

    Random Civilization Drafter for Modded Civs

    I wrote a batch script that randomly selects a designated number of folders from a parent directory and makes symbolic links for them in your Civ5 mod folder. The idea being you can run the script and it can make certain custom Civ mods available while keeping the others disabled. If you like...
  3. billw2015

    XML Autocorrect Tool

    This tool will do semi-automated grammar and spelling correction on Text XML files. Usage: Have java installed (most people probably do?) Run Tools\Autocorrect\StartServer.bat Drag and drop Text XML files on to Tools\Autocorrect\DropXMLHere.bat You can also run Autocorrect.bat from the command...
  4. vktj

    Python tool to crop a Civ4 map

    Since I am not aware of a readily available tool to take a given Civ4 map, and crop it to a rectangle, I made one myself. This is a Python3 script that will, when given the edges of a rectangle to crop a map to and a Civ4 map on standard input, output, on standard output, a cropped version of...
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