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  • Hey bbbp! I missed your post in the SGOTM... Glad to see you again. If you ever change your mind, make sure to tell me ;)
    Hey mate, tell me if u still need a sub for ur pitboss, I need to check it before u leave if it's the case ;)
    Hello backnine31. I don't know if I can help, but here goes.

    1. It sounds as if you are not even able to install the HoF Mod? When you try, what exact error messages are you seeing?

    2. It may be worth posting in the HoF forum. That's where the experts on the mod hang out.

    3. Where did you get Warlords from? If it's a Steam installation, there seem to be some extra complications. babybluepants has pointed you to a thread that discusses them.
    Okay thanks. I'll keep plugging away til I figure it out. I've got to be close. Since I posted my first message I finally figured out how to get to the folders. That was a "duh" moment for me. :) I've now gone through the Vista fix steps in the HOF Mod "vista fixes" section but still no luck.
    Unfortunately, despite my GOTM staff designation, I am kind of a moron with these things. You asked the wrong person. ;) I have directed the right people to your message here, but you may also try having a look at this thread, and perhaps posting the specifics of your problem there.
    Hi, I've been playing CivV for the last couple months and got started on the GOTM (TSG) and now want to go back and get involved in the CivIV series'. Specifically, Warlords. I can't, however, figure out how to get the HoFMod to work. I've got Vista, of course. Anyway, I've spent the last 2 hours reading through the forums and am not getting anywhere. I've downloaded the Mod but it tells me I'm not an administrator (which, of course, I am). When I read through the Vista "fixes" I see nothing I even recognize, namely, I have no idea where the Firaxis folders are as I don't see them anywhere in program files. I dealt with this issue a couple years ago and got the BAT2.3--I think that's the version--file onto my desktop and now I can just start the game by clicking that, but I can't figure out what to do or how to do the same thing for the HoF. Can you help?
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