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    Civ5, 6 and BE in the future

    I was also thinking the other day about how cool it would be to have some type of space map in the game. Nothing over the top and huge... but a small section of galaxy to play on and interact with. The world maps don't have to be be large in BE since the playable area covers the entire map on...
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    Civ5, 6 and BE in the future

    Regarding the hybrids, I personally rather not have the hybrids more developed into their own full-blown affinities. I think the original three are pretty solid and unique, I would rather see them focused on. Some hybridization should be encouraged in the game, but the game should always...
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    Civ5, 6 and BE in the future

    I'm still waiting and hoping for another BE game too (or whatever they want to call the new one). I've been playing Civ since the second one, and I'm a little ashamed to admit it for some reason, but I haven't even purchased the Rise and Fall expansion yet or have been playing Civ 6. It's...
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    XCOM 2

    Finally, the silence will be ending; the expansion is going to be revealed!
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    XCOM 2

    A designer knows they have achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away... and LW2 is pretty bloated. Firaxis just plays along because it renews interest in the game for some of their fans. I prefer to wait for the official expansion as...
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    Do You Place Districts ASAP To Lock The Costs?

    I choose not to; to each his own. :goodjob:
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    What is your favourite Civilization game?

    I can't vote, BE: Rising Tide isn't an option. ;)
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    Are Corps and Armies even worth it?

    Ooh! Thanks for the heads-up, TMIT (and many thanks to Hans Lemurson, of course). I've been waiting for something like that for a while. Here's the thread if anybody else wants to take a gander at it:
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    Are Corps and Armies even worth it?

    They are most certainly worth it in most situations -- especially with siege. I just wish corps/armies were a feature of the game instead of just bonuses much later in it. I've always wanted limited unit stacking instead of the extremes of unlimited stacks of doom and traffic-jammed carpets of...
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    You can name your city with the capital logo and have the same name as your capital!

    Haha... that's a dirty, little trick; nice find. For those that play multiplayer and start seeing this, I guess you can just hover over the city until the tooltip pops-up. If you see at the bottom "Buildings: - Palace" you'll know for certain that it's the capital city. Well, I guess unless...
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    games on large maps

    This may help explain their new map sizes: So, if you've always played Huge in Civ 5, with close to the standard amount of civs, then Civ 6 is definitely going to feel a bit more crowded. Especially...
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    Fractal or Shuffle?

    Actually, a map filled with big landmasses will have less coastal tiles than one filled with smaller landmasses and/or snaky ones. - - - - - - Also, for me, deeply exploring and meeting more AI's earlier is a huge perk to small-continents/fractal maps. Playing with only half the civs for half...
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    Fractal or Shuffle?

    Ooh, I've been using plain ol' Continents because there's no Small Continents... but, I just took a gander at Civ 6's Fractal and it looks like they've changed it a bit. So far, I see that it now uses my favorite continent grain: 3. Also, the default sea levels have all been greatly reduced...
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    Border expansion functionality taken further (choose which tile to culturally expand into idea)

    Not only is a border expansion preview needed within the UI (when a city is selected), to see where a city's next plot will be gained and in how many turns, I think we actually need to take it even further in Civ 6. With so much more importance now placed on planning district and improvement...
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    AI Diplomacy deals is broken

    Once any bugs are resolved, I'd also like to see: 1) The AI offer their highest offer right off the bat; I shouldn't have to fiddle with +/- to see how high they'll go (yeah, I know I don't "have to", but I can't help squeezing them if I can without any penalties). That, or... turn it into...
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