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Oct 19, 2018 at 4:11 PM
Dec 4, 2005
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black_imperator was last seen:
Viewing forum Civ4 - Fall from Heaven, Oct 19, 2018 at 4:11 PM
    1. Dr Roach
      Dr Roach
      FYI, AoE is still crashing with today's bug fixes.
      1. black_imperator
        yeah, it was unrelated, i haven't had time to check your save yet.
        Feb 19, 2018
      2. black_imperator
        Can you get me one from the most recent version ? It'll ensure it's the most compatible. Also what modules were you using?
        Feb 19, 2018
    2. Azhral
      Hey BI, who is Jheral on the forums? Jheral != Jemon, right?

      Anywho, you got that link to the story he posted in IRC last night? May as well read it at work, it is friday after all.
    3. lemonjelly
      Hey :) have you done any more work on stability? When its done, could you send the source with the files? Thanks :) Also, do you know the python to make all the units in a city flip with the city when it is flipped in python? Thanks :D
    4. lemonjelly
      Heey =] Will you be appearing on the temporary Erebus chat? Have you looked at the stability code yet? I managed to do some python coding by myself lmaoo.
    5. lemonjelly
      I have some recolours.
      If you go on #erebus, I can send them to you.
    6. lemonjelly
      can you PM me that line you want added into the dll? Or, add it in the latest FFPlus source file and send me that file?
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