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Sep 18, 2019
Jul 26, 2007
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Missouri, USA

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Deity, from Missouri, USA

cephalo was last seen:
Sep 18, 2019
    1. cephalo
      Thanks for the compliments. I made the GNH mod a few years ago, and honestly I don't remember the details. I do not believe the AI can detect this victory condition, as I only made small tweaks to the AI.
    2. VRGS
      The Happiness mod was a really good idea!
      I usually plays time victory 'cos I think never in history a civilization won ultimately, only for a period, instead, they had golden ages!
      nice job!

      a question... for example, if you allows space race, domination or cultures the ai begins a war if another is next to achieve an objetctive... so they do the same when playing for happiness or in your mod we can verify more detailed gameplay natural changes?
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    Missouri, USA
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    Rich Marinaccio

    PerfectWorldDF world creator for Dwarf Fortress ------ FaireWeather.py for Colonization
    PerfectWorld.py Map script for Civ4/Warlords/BtS --- Gross National Happiness Mod for BtS
    Creation.py Map script for Fall from Heaven 2
    SpiralGalaxy.py Map script for Final Frontier
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