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Nov 24, 2013
Jun 14, 2009
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Governor-General, from Nijmegen, the Netherlands

CivLucas was last seen:
Nov 24, 2013
    1. tedrock7
      Hi CivLucas, I wanted to point out something, it may
      not have occurred to you. Not to slight anyone else but
      it seems to me that you have made the best mod in the
      world. Looking around on the net there is not much else out
      there, civfanatics has the mods and yours is best. At 17 years
      old I would think this should bring you some celebrity. So even
      though, as you say, it is time consuming to make a mod perhaps
      you might consider making another. To have the two best Col mods
      in the world would surely bring you to instant world fame I would
      think. You would be in great demand I would expect, with people
      like E/A and Apple after you to offer you a job. I like Col so much
      that I have bought 4 copies to give to select family members for
      Christmas, a couple of them are probably tech savvy enough to make
      mods if they get interested enough. Thanks again, Viking Ted.
      1. Obi Wan Kenobi likes this.
    2. tedrock7
      Hi CivLucas, I re-installed everything and westward ho does work,
      but you must never let the wagons die. Also at one point I refused
      the kings taxes and beer was boycotted. The next time I went to
      the Europe screen everything to the right side of coats was gone, so I had to go to a save and accept all kings taxes. I will have to try pirates.
      Thanks for all, yours is the best in the world mod so far. I would still like
      to get your india map in .py so I could bring it up in custom and choose
      which civs are to play with which leaders. Would that be possible? Ha ha,
      some people can never get enough, give them a gold brick and they will want a silver platter to put it on. Your friend, oldhick Ted
    3. tedrock7
      Hi, keeping you up to date, I tried westward ho but there was
      no way to get to Europe or home city, I tried Mare Nostrum, it
      crashed after a few turns, the only one left to try is the pre ww1
      thingy, as far as I know you are the only person on the planet who
      can build a civ4 col mod and make it work, I googled and there is not
      much out there. So please make the Vikings mod since only you can do it
      young sir. Ted
    4. tedrock7
      Ah, CivLucas, I am defeated after all, I quickly found that ships I purchase in Europe are still stuck to the old entry point, I don't know how to fix it.
    5. tedrock7
      Hi CivLucas, how are you? Well, I tried some modding,
      so far I am batting about .333. I tried to change the Ceylon/sitawaka player's name to WBengal and tried to exchange some of his cities with the other bengal player using your directions and some guesswork but the game would not load, said something about info class being incorrect. But I had your original files backed up so I fixed the game back. I tried to make a copy of your map as a py map using someone's directions who gave a file to use called savemap.py but no success. However I did manage to open worldbuilder and put the British to start in the southern ocean and made a new city called west bengal using Rajasimha. His name is very generic, it means royal tiger or something like that. Anyhow even though it takes longer to get to Europe it is refreshing to have colonies on the other side of the map
      and not be so squeezed by other European players. Ted
    6. Chibiabos
      I have downloaded and installed 2.12 and found the Europe king does not load for any civ aside from Denmark. All the others (British, Chinese, Dutch, French, Burghal, Portuguese) do not have a king at start, the Europe sea squares are invisible and there is no access to a Europe screen. I have replicated this time and time again, and re-confirmed that Danish East Indies loads a king each time, has visible Europe sea squares and regular access to the Europe screen.
    7. Tallhwch
      I tried to upload map and graphics together, I will upload map separately.
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    Nijmegen, the Netherlands
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    • Basic Edition
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    • Regular Edition
    • Warlords Expansion
    • Beyond the Sword Expansion
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    • Remake (2008)


    "Conquering the world on horseback is easy; it is dismounting and governing that is hard."
    Genghis Khan

    My mod: The East Indies
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