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  • Well, having a transgendered prez would force a switch towards unisex bathrooms… so women'd clog up men's bathrooms as well as their own.

    But otherwise, I don't think it's such a bad idea.
    The US's cities also have more gun control than more rural areas, still more crime per capita, and Switzerland has a lot of guns and little crime, so I think it may be something else other than guns. Frankly, our culture is just violent. What do you expect when our solution to practically every problem is to bomb somebody? Heck, Obama's idea of how to stop the Jonas Brothers from dating his daughters (He was kidding, but still) was "Predator Drones".

    Trying to confiscate all the guns in the US would lead to a police state. Maybe it would save lives (If gun owners didn't revolt) but frankly, I think a few people getting murdered is a sad but fair price to pay for being free. Hence why I take the opposite position as you:p
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