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  • Ho, ho, ho! *strokes beard* NobaKaruto-san, you are indeed vexed, as was my plan!

    Your information about the origin of that anime-istic place is soemthing I do thank you for.
    Have you realised that I have made you answer to the name of NovaKart some six months after the avatar switcheroo? ;)

    btw where's the profile pic from? It's lovely.
    Re: U mad bro?
    I appear not to be capable of understanding this newfangled criminal cant you appear to be using as a means of communication. However, our Church has several interpreters. They have explained to us that you allege insanity on our part, and only a heretic would use such terms, or invoke Pagan evil spirits such as the Trololol on us. As such, we are compelled to issue an ultimatum against you: recant your heresy publicly or be anathematised.
    Brimstone-filled salutations,
    Takhisis, head of the CFC Bulgar Orthodox Church.
    Addressed to Mr. NovaKart, Esq.:
    I have seen your posts on my loyal parishioner Tolni's VM stack. In those you appear to claim that the so-called ‘Elder scrolls’ are superior or at least comparable to Fallout. This is… disquieting. I hope I am not importuning you, but I'd be pleased if you could furnish me with an adequate explanation.
    Kindest regards,
    Takhisis, head of the CFC Bulgar Orthodox Church.
    McCain in 2000, where I developed a hatred of Bush and dropped out after the primaries. Kerry in 2004, because by then I had absolutely had it with Bush. McCain again in 2008. Then switched sides probably for good in 2012, where I started out campaigning against Romney but eventually came to have great respect for Obama and honestly campaigned for him.
    Figured I'd share this with you from the board game thread. It might be up your alley if you got some friends who like to play board games.
    Since it appears to be your birthday, happy birthday! May Glarthir follow yo- I mean, may you see a million bosmer burn! :D
    Thatte qvote of thine seemeth to me to beeth interestinge and familiare. Perchance 'tis from some greate English dramaturge or master of poetrie? If notte then ye style is welle copiede.

    What rules have I, thou mightest aske. Some variations of Spellinge and stylistic chocies come to minde.
    We were talking about Civ4 mods, and integrating my events mod into your bigger mod.

    Sadly, I was really busy at the time and took a year off of CFC. So it didn't really come to anything.

    In any case, you are a good friend and should be marked as such!
    Actvallie, I doth. It is Late at Night in this Citie of Mine hwere I live, butte there are a fewe thinges I shouldst be able to thinke of more properlie tomorrow, after a healinge sleepe and my classes at yon Universitie. Fare-thee-well and a goode nichte, Khan of the cyberneticke X.
    Vve should planne it with cleare Mindes and Ackuitie of Þinkinge. Vve should also agree on some Standardes for the Threade.
    Hey, NovaKart! We should totally have an Olde English Spellinge thread.

    Wanna launch one after these shenanigans are over?
    He won't escape alive if he does that. Skinned alive, then his bones will be hung above the LA Convention Centre as a warning to others.
    Hiss! Leave this Vault, you Tamriel interlooper! Fallout is life!
    But yeah - at least minimal clues should be given. At least, a clarification that the game(s?) they'll announce will be open-ended sandbox.
    So, upon seeing Fable Legends, suddenly I realised something: What if Bethesda is greedy enough to release a Fallout MOBA?
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