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  • Hey Bruce, good to hear from you. (Pun intended? Maybe! :D)

    You're welcome, and thank you, for the memories. I hope you'll let me know if you find yourself playing CivV, or CivVI once it's released.
    How have you been old friend?

    I still occasionally play CIV various versions, saw you and your still doing some PoDCasts just wanted to say hello!

    Thanks for all the fond memories!

    Grandpa Troll (Bruce K. Cronkite)
    To anyone who is reading this... just to confirm, I -did- get back to Diamondeye shortly after he posted his note here last October. :D
    Hey Dan, my PM inbox is kind of full, so I'm just writing this here; I can't guest Polycast the 17th because I am still in Sweden without internet at that date.

    Cheers, DE.
    Thanks for the note and update, DE. While I'm disappointed about CivCon '09's cancellation, I'm hopeful that there will be another such attempt and that it will be successful. I can't say that I can commit to being apart of the Committee for it, but I certainly will want to attend such an event if I can (would need to be in July or August, and in Canada or the continental United States, for that).

    Sounds good, re: Audacity... no pun intended. :mischief:;)
    Hey Dan, I just saw that CivCon '09 has been cancelled. A crying shame for all the work you put in it! I hope you'll keep on trying to get something like it together - next year perhaps? - and that I can attend it sometime.

    Ah, well, enjoy your vacation (you people do have those, right?). It'll be another 2½ week before I'm home for good, then I'll look at getting a laptop and Audacity and so on.

    Until then
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