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    [Bug] Hex yield icons incorrect

    version 6.1.7601. Installed G&K not long ago and played with no mods so far. I ran into this bug in my second game on earth map, large size. Started at South America and when I captured 2 CS in Australia, one of them looks like it has tile production 'shifted' to the south east. Another one I...
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    A New Dawn Bug Reports and Feedback

    Workers build improvements fine here. Didn't notice any improvements other then cottage line messed up in the civilopedia either. Didn't try using WB in final version yet though.
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    A New Dawn Bug Reports and Feedback

    Ok, this feedback isn't really to push you into changing or making a new version of the mod. I can do pretty much all the changes myself. Mostly it's to point out some of the faults as well. For example the logic of democracy and stationing troops in city. Stationed troops in city are not same...
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    A New Dawn Bug Reports and Feedback

    Additional to the Forge, Cottage upgrades have been nerfed waaaay too much. I mean, they used to be the way to go in the older version of AND and they needed some attention to make other upgrades viable but now they are pretty much useless. This seems to be going from one extreme to the other...
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    Main Download Information

    Hmm, just made a fresh install of the mod (without installing RoM 2.92) and I don't see any of the options for creating perfect world maps or giant/gigantic maps. Do I need to get some files from RoM to make them appear or did you remove them from your mod for good? Edit: Found the problem. AND...
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    Civ4 AND: keep it up please!!

    From what I red before, Afforess and Zapara aren't abandoning ROM, they will start making it for Civ 5. So you will have that nice new combat system, better graphics and hexes with RoM and AND. Sounds good?
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    A New Dawn Beta Builds

    'Added Advanced Economy option' What exactly is advanced economy? Can't seem to find anything about it in the forums.
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    1.74 Beta's Initial Impressions?

    Hate terrain damage as well. I'd definitely make it an option in game so it can be turned off completely.
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    Main Download Information

    Ah, ok. Thanks for clearing that out. Still wish that limited religions is fixed in RevDCM. :(
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    Main Download Information

    What exactly are they? I mean, will limited religions option work properly now?
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    Main Download Information

    Only +50% great general emergence? Seems very very weak wonder.
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    Which maps played?

    I just gave a spin to perfect world 2 maps of gigantic size. I must say I'm really surprised how well they turn out to be. There is not as much landmass as gigantic size would make you think and it seems to be just right for 30-35 players to have enough room to expand. Perfect world 2 can make...
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    Mayor Revolutions issue

    I guess I'll hold off using revolutions in my games then. I play on gigantic maps with customized eternal speed and this revolutions issue would probably mess up things really bad (mostly for AI I bet). :p If I get around playing on faster speeds I'll give them a spin.
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    A New Dawn Bug Reports and Feedback

    Ok, I'll post something when I get time to form a more detailed report. I was under impression that it was a common problems since I saw some other posters already report same thing (during beta 3), so I thought only to mention it. Since it does appear to only affect few players I'll make a more...
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    Main Download Information

    Aforess, damn you are fast. I was just about to report XP gain weirdness when I saw that you already posted 2(!!!) patches to fix them. Great work!! Btw. don't you have finals or something? ;)
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