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  • Hi,
    I just installed the giant earth map and it looks great, but I don't have any of the user tabs available. I just see the map and that's it. What am I doing wrong?
    Thank you for your wonderful map and your help. I've been playing with this mod, and have managed to script it to work therein. Would you mind my posting a download for the compatible version?
    Hey you have any huge earth maps that are not attached to a mod so they do not crash if I use them outside of the mod?
    Your map is astoundingly accurate and playable, and I love it.
    So much so that I was wondering if you knew how to help me impliment it (with the increased civ number) into other mods. Specifically, I posted already in Thomas' War about this, but I want to use his mod for the units and techs and such with your map and starting locations and such.
    I've tried editing the WBS files in notepad to at least get the standard 18civs in their appropriate starting locations, but it just fails to read. I have no idea why. :(
    The ONLY way I can play your map with his mod is to use the "clean" version (thus no starting locations and such).
    Any info on where to go from here would be excellent. Thanks in advance.
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