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Jan 30, 2020
Dec 15, 2010
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good old germany

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Ancient Alien, from good old germany

Gilgamesch was last seen:
Jan 30, 2020
    1. catman123
      Hey Gilgamesch, I asked for help on the Civ 5 Creation and Customization forum and someone directed me to this post:


      I think that I'm experiencing the same bug you said you experienced. Could you tell me which vanilla techs seemed to trigger the bug you mentioned in that thread? Is iron working one of them? Thanks.
    2. Gilgamesch
      I think this is enough for now, i need to regroup the techs, and with two eras thats a lot of stuff=)
    3. gyogen2
      HI, Gilga,
      Sorry to keep bothering you, but did you want me to go ahead and add the second era, or just stuck with prehistoric for now?
    4. Gilgamesch
      The link is showing me the community hub of steam.
      If you wish my help please provide me a direct link.
    5. justinsy
      Can somebody change this mod a tiny bit?


      it's the Mercenary Army Expanded Mod.
      Hi Gilga,

      Can you change the tech in which 2 of the units arrive?

      make the swiss gaurd available at "gunpowder" tech and the foreign legion at "rifling" tech
    6. gyogen2
      Hi Gilga,
      I posted a fix for manpower, tech, loading time and advancement screen. I hope this is okay with you, if not I'll take it down.
      (Haven't heard from you in a while, sure you're busy, and wanted people to be able to enjoy your great mod!)
    7. Taa
      Thank you Gilga :)
    8. Gilgamesch
      A feature list would be very helpfull.
      Feel free do do what ever you like and ask me if you need any help.
    9. Taa
      Hi Gilga

      I have a question. I want to build up an unofficial feature list for CCTP by making a thread and over time post all info I can find about CCTP there. I just wonder what you think about that and if it is ok for you?

    10. Gilgamesch
      The face that could gaze upon the face of the Sun
      has never existed ever.
      How alike are the sleeping(!) and the dead.
      The image of Death cannot be depicted.
      (Yes, you are a) human being, a man (?)!
      After Enlil had pronounced the blessing,'"
      the Anunnaki, the Great Gods, assembled.
      Mammetum, she who forms destiny, determined destiny with them.
      They established Death and Life,
      but they did not make known 'the days of death'".
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    good old germany
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    searching for the truth


    Community Call To Power

    Now with more then 600 Technologies, 800 Wonders/Buildings, 300 Policies, countless Units/Resources and Beliefs.:evil:
    Many unique and endless communty features included.:deal::assimilate:
    A total conversation that is probably the biggest mod for CiV outthere.