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Apr 12, 2014
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    1. Funak
      Pretty much whenever you see a chance to focus of food in a city, you need to take it.

      With these underdeveloped satellites, you're pretty much forced to rely on your capital for most everything else, specialists, troops, wonders. At least when I play I pretty much find myself sending all my traderoutes from the capital when I'm playing tradition, internal or external.
      You can choose to use your internal trade-routes to get your satellites going, but if you do this you're probably going to be behind on gold, meaning you can invest in buildings less.

      I realize that this whole thing isn't very useful or interesting to read, but there are really way too many ways to play this game to give you any useful general advice on such a broad question.
    2. Funak
      As tradition you're a lot more dependent on settling-location, with progress you can pretty much settle cities anywhere, 4 decent tiles and the city can grow and start producing, but with tradition you need your cities to have both good production-tiles and good food-tiles. Settling on a river really helps, the watermill is fantastic.
      The strength of tradition, besides the powerful capital is the increased growth, this pretty much locks you into playing really greedy when it comes to food, progress can get away with production-focus, getting some food from finishing buildings to keep the city healthy, tradition really can't. With tradition you pretty much need a set of tiles for growth and a set of tiles for production, so you can switch between full food, when you're not in a desperate situation and full production when you really need to finish something (troops, a wonder, a world congress project, a watermill).
    3. Funak
      First of all, I'm in no way an expert, but I'll try and tell you what I know.
      Developing your cities as Tradition is a lot harder than it is as Progress, you can expect to be behind, usually by quite a bit. You can try and counteract this by investing in production-buildings, especially helpful if you're playing as Babylon in fact, in my last game as Babylon I went for God of Wealth to get the extra yields from working specialists in my satellites, rushed Walls of Babylon in all of them (for defense and the specialists) and then tried going from there. Those walls kept me alive when all my neighbors decided to attack me at once.
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