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Dec 19, 2016
Jan 20, 2006
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Warlord, from Salt Lake City, UT

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Dec 19, 2016
    1. Oneluv
      Hi GG: Yeah, I understand abt Sephi:king:. I read your post when you volunteered to help with coding. My computer has been complicite in un-speakable acts of betrayal against me, that you can tame the beast impresses me greatly:salute:

      Make her exactly as you wish, but OO sounds right. Indv. units or Pact of Nilhorn style?@ Mind Stapling? Thanks for the enthusiasm. Have a nice day. onelove

      Almost forgot: Harpie unit? She has food theft(spell?) and can pillage food plots for exp.. If she(they) were hard to get rid of, the food drain could be painful.
    2. Goodgimp
      Hey Oneluv!

      First I'd like to clarify one thing up front, in that Wildmana is Sephi's and Sephi's alone. I've volunteered my time to help put together some new spells (next release still WIP) or whatever else he'd like assistance with, but I'm not part of the Wildmana team or anything like that.

      The unit you describe sounds like a fun and interesting project for me to do on a coding / modding basis. I'm new to the Civ4 mod scene and this unit will touch on quite a few different areas.

      When my Real Life work load slows down a bit (looking like it will here in the next couple weeks) I'll get a new spell update out and then work on the unit you describe, I think it'll be a lot of fun.

      Is the Siren unit a barb unit, or perhaps a OO unique unit?
    3. Oneluv
      Hi Goodgimp: I wasn't sure where to post this question and given your programming expertise and kind response to my E-mail I thought I'd ask you.
      What do you think about the introduction of a Siren unit for WM?

      Weak Atk
      H2O Walk?
      good def +in hills and vs. naval.
      -Cannibalize allows % heal after combat
      -upgrade to fly?
      -"song" as ranged attack
      -Able to draw a % of living units to her(taunt/enraged?)

      Is it poss. to change unit AI thru a ranged attack? And if so, is there coding avail. that would direct units to follow and attack her? Could "taunt" be made ranged and of longer duration?

      Hope I haven't overstepped any boundries by presenting this idea to you in this way.

      I'm not a programmer:sad:and didn't want to appear presumptuous by interjecting this query into someone elses mod; only to then say: "BTW would you mind making this for me as well?". I figured If you thought the idea worthy then I might feel more empowered to push for her genesis.
    4. Oneluv
      Hi Goodgimp:

      Just wanted to take a min. to thank you for the work on wildmana. It's the only civ game I play now and I've really appreciated your contributions. I have no idea of the time invovled to create the things you do but I imagine it to be significant. Thank you for that gift. I look forward to your next offering with great anticipation. Hope you have a nice day and happy new year.
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