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  • Re3: I was meaning that there is a lack of a moderator who actually is involved in Forum Gaming. It is good to have a moderator who is active in that area. Take Beej and NESing. Forum Games isn't needing moderation, but I think it could do with representation within the Staffroom. I don't really know who might be suitable. I think Methos is meant to be a Forum Gamer, but I don't see him around much..

    Thanks for replying.
    Nevermind blue! up up an away to Purple.

    1. Does adding my name to a cause actually reduce the chance of it happening?
    2. Whats the chance of the Forum Games etc section being reorganised as those who use it really wish for?
    3. Whats the chance of a person who actually is active in forum games being promoted to moderator to help push our cause?
    Why is your name blu-- oh NOOOO! Not another one :(

    I'm basically gone from CFC nowadays, but my condolences all the same. ;) It's been good talking to you off and on these last several months. Take care!
    Drat, i'll have to re-route the tunnel I had coming up next to the fridge then! This throws everything out of wack!
    I am curious, has the staff room changed? I imagine it is a lot bigger with all the newbie moderators...
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