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  • I have been trying to figure out why only part of your mod patch 05h. Most of it works, however the following does not seem to work:
    1. the city pa doesnt seem to increase
    2. no plunder can be spent in the city
    more bugs then can report
    Hail Kailric :)

    With your permission, we are going to use the "Female Weaver" (aka barmaid) unit from your fantastic PRIVATEER MOD for our German Mod "The Authentic Colonization" (TAC) too.
    As we like to give proper credits: are you the creator of this unit, or anybody else?

    Thank you :worship:
    Hi Kailric,

    I'm considering working on your supply lines mod. Thanks for your great work on this. It's something I'd love to use in my mod. My main reason for contacting you is to find out if you are aware of any further coding on supply lines for civ 4. The posts on your supply line mod stopped about a year ago, and it's possible that they stopped because you came across something more complete (and that didn't turn up in my search of the forums).


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