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    BOTM 241: Sapa Inca, Deity - First Spoiler - 1AD

    This map was begging for a (long-distance) Q rush. America was not a protective civ and didn't have a capital on a hill. It was being strangled by hills full of gold though! There was no way to turn the war off once it started without giving away a city for peace. Easy to block using that...
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    Accusations of cheating in the highest tournament levels of chess

    Magnus should take up Civ 4. It is much better than chess, and so far no one has bothered to make a civ engine to play the game optimally. Other than the Bongcloud attack, chess has had no innovations lately. :p
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    [RD] Russia Invades Ukraine: The Four Horsemen Arrive

    Will Putin go nuclear and use his smallest nukes?
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    Time to get rid of the Monarchy?

    Does William Prince of Wales need to learn Welsh and speak it during a speech?
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    Uncle Paul's political arguments

    A thread against the consensus! :eek: I had no idea there were such radical Hindus. Anyway, diversity may make people turtle up in their communities, but the tension brings out technical and...
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    What are you watching on YouTube now ?

    Cheating. :D
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    Coronavirus 14: Boosted Waves or Merely a Ripple?

    My test came back with 2 pink lines. After 2.5 years I finally caught COVID. :cry: Dumb Riotfest music festival!
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    The thread for space cadets!

    :borg: Space Force has a song now.
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    What are you watching on YouTube now ?

    That makes my brain bleed. What an incredible effort! Definitely sped up the video playing Minecraft in Minecraft at 1 hertz. The players on the controller are just a blur. :lol: Probably the best possible achievement for Minecraft I'd say. (for computer scientists)
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    Time to get rid of the Monarchy?

    The legend grows. Even the word 'queue' is just Q followed by 4 silent letters as observed by a clever person. Just need a second shorter queue for the rich and titled. Or maybe a 2nd regular queue so the British can agonize over which to choose and...
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    Random Thoughts XII - Floccinaucinihilipilification

    Can anyones' brain overcome this illusion?
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    Time to get rid of the Monarchy?

    The British Queue is rapidly becoming legendary. :salute: Still not sure if the Brits can beat the Germans or Soviets for the gold medal in line standing, but it's possible. ... Just to be clear: I don't mean the purpose of the queue. I don't mean the outpouring of emotion or collective gried...
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    Political Compass IV

    I didn't move. The graph moved! Economic left/right -2.5 Social Libertarian / Authoritarian -2.41 Google's "Don't be evil" was removed from their code of conduct in 2018.
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    The complaints of inflation are insane.

    Here are some more details.
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