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Jul 29, 2021 at 1:02 AM
Jun 21, 2008
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Lord Croissant, Male, from America!

Also, I hate the 140 Character posting limit! Feb 21, 2017

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Viewing forum list, Jul 29, 2021 at 1:02 AM
    1. Seraiel
      I need a guide on your latest Civilization Research @Kaitzilla , maybe you could express yourself into your own series of CIV4 guides? :) .

      Friendly Regards, Philip Christopher Seraiel Plöger.
      1. Kaitzilla
        Dec 3, 2020
    2. lionn77
      It looks like i would have to reinstall the game to try those saves because nothing seems to work. Thank you for your help.
    3. Kaitzilla
      Also, I hate the 140 Character posting limit!
    4. Kaitzilla
      For some reason I can't download the save files correctly with Internet Explorer, but Google Chrome works just fine.
    5. Kaitzilla
      Hmm, I've downloaded and opened all 3 of my saves from that thread and they all opened up ok, so the save files aren't damaged.
    6. Kaitzilla
      Those old save files that I posted in "Fantastic Starts Thread" won't work without Buffy-3.19.003 specifically.
    7. Kaitzilla
      Maybe you have a really old version of BUFFY if it is under 5 million bytes? My Buffy 004b has a CvGameCoreDLL.dll of 5,435,392 bytes.
    8. Kaitzilla
      Maybe ask for help in the Civ 4 HOF forums? My Buffy 003 mod folder's CvGameCoreDLL.dll file has 5,390,336 bytes.
    9. Kaitzilla
      I don't deal with mods much, so code and .dll file errors are beyond my knowledge to fix. :(
    10. lionn77
      Could you please check it up? Perhaps I have screwed up something and deleted that unmodded file. Thank you
    11. lionn77
      I have that mod and it works fine. There might be a problem with civgamecore.dll file because I also have bug mod in my setup. Someone has pointed that problem in the thread and recommended using original unmodded dll file. The problem is it doesn't work. My original civgamecore.dll file is dated 2009 05 14, sized 4949 304bytes.
    12. lionn77
      1. Kaitzilla
        Missing .dll?
        Hmm, I think you need to have the Civ 4 Hall of Fame Mod installed to open my saves from that thread.

        Try downloading Buffy .003 and installing it and you should be able to open those saves.
        If you still have trouble, let me know.

        Buffy 003 is available here:
        Feb 21, 2017
    13. Seraiel
      You genius. I wondered why you didn't answer, and now see, that you answered on your profile! Hard to believe I need to explain the forum to somebody that was a grandmaster before I began playing CIV, but: A person writes to your profile Kaitzilla, you answer on his profile, like that he gets a notification of the answer and again can answer on your profile. Should you or somebody else ever be interested in the communication, he can click the button called "view Conversation" . You completely wreck the forum with your forum-n00bishness Kaitzilla ^^

      But don't worry, I made the same fault when Tachy first wrote to my profile, and she made the same drama I did now, I only learned from the best ^^ .
    14. Kaitzilla
      WastinTime is participating in SGOTM22 on anti-TSR.

      Not sure about Pangaea.

      I'm over in Stories and Tales right now trying to beat a gigantic map on Giant Earth Map Mod.
    15. Seraiel
      Nice to see you're still active on CFC :) .

      Do you know anything of WastinTime or Pangaea ?
    16. Kaitzilla
      Thanks for the link Cutlass :)

      I was nodding my head until The Singularity was mentioned.
      Then the OP lost me!
    17. Cutlass
    18. Kaitzilla
      That's ok.

      I'm a big fan of "less words the better" and don't like having a signature.

      Terse, laconic, I don't want any distractions when I post something. :crazyeye:

      @Soundjata - Ya, they really ought to sell Ponyzillas in the store :)
    19. soundjata
      papa tu connais le cheval? Moi je veux Kaitzilla. papa je peux ecouter Kaitzilla. papa Kaitzilla papa...
    20. Manco Capac
      Manco Capac
      I'm fine as much I can have. Just no more time for intense civ. I am officially a lurker now.

      Kaitzilla, you shouldn't edit your preference on your visitor message panel. No one will see. Signatures are there for that purpose.
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