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Oct 9, 2021
Jun 24, 2011
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Oct 9, 2021
    1. pwoz
      Lain, any chance there's a description of your youtube games out there? I'm wondering if you have one where you go for science win in particular, especially if corporations were used.
    2. Erwin88
      Hi Lain,
      I would have a little question concerning CIV4 that I would directly ask you.
      Can you sent me an email at erwin.palmeri1@gmx.at ?
      Thanks, Erwin
    3. obeliskgolem
      Hello Lain!
      I am a Chinese Civ IV player. Occasionally I have found your civ replays on youtube, impressive techniques on deity level!
      We hold a very small Civ IV online contest among Chinese civ fans. I'd like to know if you are interested to join. It would be so enjoyable to see different play styles.
      (every player is required to stream their games during the contest, you can choose at your convenience)
    4. Pedro78
      Hey Lain!

      Wanted to ask you something (didn't see myself posting a new thread for that dumb question). How do you find motivation to play Civ4? I mean, you seem to be playing many games to the end. I tend to start new games very often but never finish them. Not that these games aren't interesting, I just somehow get bored. So how do you fight that kind of situation?

      Thanks ^^
    5. Imploding
      Hope this stuff helps! And that you start beating those diety Ais on video! :)
    6. Imploding

      I have testet 3-4 different recording softwares.. and OBS is the best free software I have used. There is also a couple youtube guides on 2-3 min that really helps finding the best settings for your computer.

      Would also recomend 40 min playtime, then a break to reflect. I find it hard to play my best, while talking the same time. But thats just a personal preference :)
    7. Imploding
      Lain it would be great if you make Diety videos! Watching civ 4 diety videos is one of my fav. things to relaxe to :)
      I also think yuor insigth in to this game, and way to do stuff really will make for high quality content.

      I Used maybe 10-15 hours.. to find the rigth software and settings.. it is somewhat timeconsuming stuff. so i wantet to share:
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