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  • OK, thanks for the answers, I will try to use the next time the link forum, not used the feature due forum to my limited English, but I'll try the next time. I'll be waiting for the next update, but regarding the issue of silver could leave the nomal ability of experts to generate double the working resource, but in this case silver, suffice slightly reduce its selling value because it is indeed very precisoso and profitable for marketing in this case I agree that this feature is more rare. And referring to the trait of the leaders could create something that not there is provided a big game but that some differential, even if at least one leader for profile ... who knows in the future? thanks again until the next !!!
    Hello Adriano,
    - First, we have disabled trait on leaders because they were too exaggerated.
    - Silver miners don't do a lot of silver because silver can be sell with an high price in Europe, it makes this ressource more precious.
    - For woodcutter, we have increased the production value because it was never an issue for europeans to have woods in America.
    - For tax, it depends of the handicap you have chosen, mainly but for sur taxes are increased during the game.
    - For natives units, I will try to think about it. It could be interested to native units for military purpose.

    I am very glad to read feedback, but i think it would be better if wrote directly on the forum, like that other players can read and comments on it. See the link below for the DoaNE area in the forum: http://forums.civfanatics.com/forumdisplay.php?f=367
    - Still talking about the use of the Indians, Realized the lack of the Possibility to hire mercenaries indian what are offered by the natives, They are always expensive in fact to compensate for the bonus series of land They own. The this mod the possibilities of Obtaining gold are higher the Indians mercenaries hiring offers would be valid However They Were even more expensive, remember the player does not buy These mercenaries Indians at the team you want, They are offers on Random shift by the indigenous tribe with an indicator good relationship (or not) with Them;

    I do not know if These Things Were Placed intentionally or possibly any errors occurred, but in no way takes away the great merit of this work, I'm just Notifying it Actually really like the mod and if it Were done These repairs would make it even better.
    When I play for Nearly two hours, the king of the colony at the team not asked for tax payments or Increase rates, Which is unusual because Usually every 50 shifts he asks for something. The unique time he requested features was When he asked que transport the treasure found in the new world;

    - I do not remember now what mod believe it is the The Auth Colonization Which has different skin When changing the profession of an Indian converted to horse explorer, he Actually gets the Indian skin shirtless on a black horse, I thought it was cool because it preserves the identity of the unit. Remember que the converted Indio Can not Become musketman or dragoon ie can not use weapons;
    :king::goodjob::thumbsup::worship::clap:Thank you for having responded so promptly my questions, I am waiting anxious for the next updates;

    I have a few points to inform regarding the mod I realized duarnte few hours I played:

    - I Realized That the leaders are in the initial profile que allow Them to have bonus, none of this with accredited Their characteristics (traits);

    - Silver mining unit to extract the source of silver in the peak improvement of land (mine) instead of giving 4 silver he is giving only 3, Given That It always double the terrain feature in this if improved;

    - I Realized que the woodcutter is giving a larger amount than twice the extracted wood, I'm not checked the amount but in places he shouldnt give 8 or 10 was giving 12 or 15 about;
    Hello AdrianoBrasil,

    I have temporary deactivated evangelists for the moment, that's why it does not work :).
    I will put them back later.

    I have remove the FF because, we didn't like this kind of privilege. We want to do another kind of system to replace this old system.

    For the moment, it is not planned to add new ressources. But I am not against the idea. For the moment, AI is my priority.
    Then, I will work on a new concept. It is king missions. During the game, our king will ask us to do some missions. If we succeed, we will gain some rewards.

    Thank you for your comment, for your information the 5.10 version should be released in the beginning of July.
    Man This mod dawn of new era 5.0 is Awesome, the best but I have some questions

    - I cant change de job of units to evangelist to convert the city to gain Converted natives;

    - If possible put the Found fathers;

    - Others mods has some new resoucers, i know has an limit to put resources in screen but if possible some resoucers like, cow, gold will be very nice.

    Its some opinios and ideias,

    I have to say thank you so much for this work in this mod, Im my vision its the best mod of Colonization I played. realy Thanks !!!

    Obs: If can resolve the question of change unit to evangelist I will be thankfull, this unit is only disposal on creation world cheat, in normal way I cant creat this unit.
    Sorry for mu horrible english!!!
    Don't worry! I am in summer holidays in 2 weeks, so i will continue the modding.
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