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  • I only just now saw that you replied.

    Well, my thread has already been updated again now.I'm alive too!
    Where ya at, Mike?I haven't seen you active much lately, and your story hasn't been updated in awhile.Is it going to be continued?
    yeah. In my class, (1 more year of grade school) i took a line from civ 5 saying he has sullied his reputation with such a foolish move. I bet they wont know what it means...
    It's fine.Take however long you need.

    And you sound like a leader off Civ5."Best of luck in your current conflict.":lol:And thanks.
    My empire is a bit too small to fit that strategy. unlike my American future civ on king, I dont have abundant resources, quick acess to reliable, future era units, or a large treasury. If you start at the future era though on king or higher, with proper techniques, these luxuries come on demand! but not here on king at the beginning... you may even get mauled trying to research techs for military units.
    Just do the best you can.

    If you're playing on vanilla, the AI is not usually too good on there at combat.It might be a good idea(if Siam is actually attacking your cities)to just stay back and let them come to you, and try to wipe out their army before you go on the offensive.
    That was on prince that I got into the future era.I've never done it on king.

    Anyway, I'm not sure if I'm the best person to try to help you, though.Do you have any DLC?If you don't have any DLC or G&K you could send me the save file and I could see if I can help any.
    Thanks again.

    My game didn't really start in that era.That's just when I started posting about it.It has been going since the Ancient era.

    Nice to see someone who does history book style writing besides me.Seems like you don't see that too much in the Civ5 stories.
    thanks! like your game, it started in the future era on king. only thing is that I am friends with the aztecs, which is pretty wierd...
    Thanks for the positive feedback.

    I read some of your story already, I think.But, sure, I'll read it all!
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