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  • I bring dire news, My Old game playing computer has died about a year ago and now i play a more advanced computer. I can no longer get Civilization II to work on this computer, I can play Civ 3 and 4 though. so all work on My babylon 5 scenario for civ2 has ended. Right now i just bought the fallout 4 a few months ago and this month i bought the season pass so i got alot of content to get though. Id like to start off with exploring what Civ 3 there is, i did upload a civ 3 game back when i had a advanced old fashioned computer but once it got to early 2016 it barely functioned at all.
    The Map for my Civ 2: Babylon 5 Battle of the Line scenario is loosely based on the one year war from the Gundam wing Universal Century universe. In the sense that its a Earth orb on the map surounded by the Moon plus the rest of the Orbital space of the Earth-Moon system. I am also going to add in the other races just giving them home worlds on the map protected by various kinds of terrain. This thing is i know i need a new Minbari ship and a new Earthling ship. Im not sure how many more Game Unit changes ill have made but the map is ready and i am going to assign home worlds in each of the box's along the corners of the map, its going to be a variant of the Orb and spheres idea of Balthasar, its going to be a new amazing Babylon 5 mod scenario.
    A few years ago in 2011 i was working on a project known as Nicegiga map 1 and 2. It was merging duck Flanders nice world and the giga world map by a authors name i forgot cause he had a complicated name to remember. The Project i am now working on is "Babylon 5 Battle of the Line scenario". Its going to combine the mod from the Narn-centauri war, its going to exclude some futuristic units that the narn and humans have, its going to replace the game units by year invented if they came after the 2240s then they dont go in the babylon 5 battle of the Line scenario. as it stands right now i could switch out the Earthling Nova cruiser for the Hyperion Cruiser. Im not sure about the Thunderbolts though im certain i probably need the star furies still. but regardless after 3 years of not playing civ 2 i decided to come back and begin working on this project.
    i found a way to edit the map once again the error is that seward peninsula ,alaska and the eastern most tip of russia are supposed to line up with each other but they do not on my current map nicegiga world 2. so eventually ill submit a newer addition after i get to work on that project. the thing is i wanted to cut off all the oceanic tiles surrounding the north pole i was successful in that but this area ill be working on did start off looking alot more inacurate when i downloaded the original giga map.
    i changed my icon picture to one of my famus ansestors on my fathers side. abraham Lincoln im a distant newpew of his his uncle william was a ansestor of mine. i finnaly got a icon picture.
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