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    Religion came back from non-existence

    I remember there is a setting that makes religions who founding city is destroyed it can respawn elsewhere? I think it is standard on.
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    Bug Reports and Technical Issues

    If they got Islam it usually is a massive -15 to other religions, but if they go free religion it is pretty much hugs village, or are all the same religion. Also they often take dumb choice like picking a Civ that gives them a -10 with others they keep, or overexpanding with a tiny core of 2 cities.
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    Can't Raze

    I had to look that up to pillage the horsehocky out of a city with sword haha!
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    AND2 and SVN Bug Reports - A New Dawn 2 ONLY

    Maybe it solved but I get random CTD (no message just close game, as if alt-F4 been done) sometimes with loading, autosave, sometimes even closing a game (to load) from main menu for speed and even just random when checking menus, WB. The game is fine and it is really random, sometimes 3 in 10...
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    Suggestions and Requests

    I wonder if the Russians birth spot not should be Kiev or Novgorod instead of Moscow as they both older, Moscow came pretty late (first mention is mid 1100's).
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    Bug Reports and Technical Issues

    In doubt it is often to just reinstall, or just delete it all and pull a new one.
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    Suggestions and Requests

    Ctrl-c only work with cheat on I think?
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    Civilisation Attributes open discussion

    For Korea, In all honesty if China does well they often find the printing press first, or Holy Rome naturally but China can sometimes be half way in the Renaissance when mongols show up, if they not do stupid things like Invade India or go to war with the Turkestan over that single desert city.
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    Suggestions and Requests

    Yeah there is a river to the N-west 1 spot, but I'd assume Washington to have a river as well, it can help the WASH with a levee, as well.
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    Egypt/Babylonia Space Victory Suggestions?

    War Weariness is a big thing, also after a certain number of terms they get happiness issues, USA is a good puppet I'd say.
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    Suggestions and Requests

    Small thing but I always thought Washington should be near a river (maybe 1-2 tiles one), as it located at the end of a rather large one coming from the south, directly from the Ocean, the Potomac River.
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    In preferences you should be able to turn of emails etc and a lot of notification, under your...

    In preferences you should be able to turn of emails etc and a lot of notification, under your profile.
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    Completely Dumb Ideas

    I always found cottages not worth it in your core, as villages/towns they do add 1 pop, but farms always add more later on, I think a +3, hence more specialists which outshines later in the game a lot.
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    Egypt/Babylonia Space Victory Suggestions?

    Babylon flips when it is Byzantine or Persian, but suppose your capitol in your own core flipping would be very strange. There is a new rebirth system (the nightly) now that means cities always flip and you can decide to conquer them back (i think they get some troops) or not. Also this new...
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    Suggestions and Requests

    The French even had an East India company and a lot of early gains in India, but also that got overshadowed by Britain, though in 1947-1950 they ceceded some areas to India. France has a long reputation of dwindling down in colonial power, outside Africa. They did once control the most colonial...
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