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  • Your best bet for finding information about modding Civ4 is in our Civ4 - Creation & Customization forum.
    Hi, i'm a bit lost. Do You maybe know someone i could contact for CIV4 modding help? It's abaut RIFE, and i lack the know-how to make a script or two work, despite they look right to me... I'll be grateful for any and all aid.
    Just a note, I'm probably up for helping out with your wiki tech setup at some point if there's someone active and friendly with FTP access. Just some useful config tweaks and extension suggestions, though if I had access (FTP to a subfolder with a blank install would do) I'd be up for trying to set up a user bridge/SSO with the forum which would also entirely solve the spambot problem. Fixing and making wikis is kinda my hobby, and it's sad to see wikis struggling with spam.
    Greetings Petek, I did do as you suggested in the option area and that seemed to have worked. I thank you for that. Seeing as how I have a quad core system with three meg ram I would think that it would run faster. Thanks for your help in any case.
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