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  • Also I do want to point out that I am trying to be authentic when choosing images, so if my choices seem a bit wild that is why
    Thanks for making a thead about this whole idea!
    In the mean time I have been thinking all day that I wish a quote from 'Things Fall Apart' could be included, but I am not sure which Civ it would be a part of. After all Nigeria is not in the game. Though its a stretch maybe a quote from that could be included Mali's Heroic Epic? What do you think?
    Hello there,
    I am interested in the Heroic and National works projects, I am not a programmer. But I will be excited, to help you fill out the chart to make a solid proposal to Loreath. Also, if it was not beyond the scope, I would not mind reading the quotes so that the recordings could be incorporated into the splash? Do you think that would be possible?
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