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Oct 3, 2016
Mar 31, 2008
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Oct 3, 2016
    1. Schuesseled
      on the off chance you think you know everytihng and can't be bothered with a little bit of research. Hard to imagine.


      1. A local geographic or global human population distinguished as a more or less distinct group by genetically transmitted physical characteristics.
      2. A group of people united or classified together on the basis of common history, nationality, or geographic distribution: the German race.
      3. A genealogical line; a lineage.
      4. Humans considered as a group.
      5. Biology
      a. An interbreeding, usually geographically isolated population of organisms differing from other populations of the same species in the frequency of hereditary traits. A race that has been given formal taxonomic recognition is known as a subspecies.
      b. A breed or strain, as of domestic animals.
      6. A distinguishing or characteristic quality, such as the flavor of a wine.
    2. Schuesseled
      Google the defintion of a race, and then come back to me if your not instantly proved wrong.
    3. Nicolas10

      I'm assuming is not your first language, and wanted to write a note.

      "Race," the English vernacular, is a genetic term. It refers to the genetic makeup of a people. "Civilization" is a cultural term of description; it has no biological inference, unlike "race."

      While there are some examples of specific races matching with a civilization (Japan comes to mind, especially with its strong history of isolationism) the words do not match up. Certainly there is no American "race."
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