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  • I like the slavery rule; maybe you tweak it that you can only whip captured cities.

    I think civics-wise you should be limited to:
    Government: Despotism, Hereditary Rule (Emperor), or Representation
    Legal: Any but Free Speech
    Labor: Any but Emancipation
    Economic: No State Property or Environmentalism
    Religious: Any but Pacifism

    Your 3 settler limitation is interesting but could cause a lot of difficulty early ... you want to Praetorian rush ASAP, but you couldn't afford the cities you capture ...
    I enjoy your RP'ing. I have always had the mindset that I'm RP'ing, but I greatly enjoy your restrictions on your self.

    You may only create 3 additional settlers. All additional cities must be conquered.
    If you are the first to circumnavigate the globe you may build additional settlers but only settle on territories across oceans or seas (this is what the Italy should have done! This is your chance to change their history.)
    You may use slavery only after you conquer your first city.
    Must have culture slider set to 10% as soon as it's available for entire game.
    Found at least one religion. The Holy City may not produce any war units. No barracks.
    Representation or the entire game.

    What do you think?
    Yes I am, just been away for a bit. Glad you enjoyed the roleplaying aspect. It adds challenge and makes the game much more replayable. Have fun!
    When I play Civ3 or civ4 I will almost always Roleplay my Leader, this challenges others to do so as well and makes for a far more memorable game.
    p.s. I hope your still playing.
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