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    How to speed up production?

    Thank you! So for an immediate boots there is only chopping? No other mechanic?
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    How to speed up production?

    1) Given that a city has started to build e. g. a district (there are already some turns put into it), is there a way to finish it faster then by working the cog tiles? Is there a mechanism like slavery in Civ4 so that I can sacrifice population? Can I finish it with gold or whatever resource...
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    [The Return to Nibiru] Diety turn <100 Science challenge

    Congrats! Sounds crazy to me to win before T100 :-) Is it possible to watch this game (you mentioned you streamed it) somewhere? Youtube?
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    City keeps healing under siege?

    Thanks! So some more warriors next time ;-)
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    City keeps healing under siege?

    Ah ok, thanks! I' ll check if there is a river. Any idea how I can see if archers have a zone of control?
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    City keeps healing under siege?

    Hi, I have one warrior and three archers around the enemy capital so only two tiles are 'free'. So I thought that this kind of positioning will prevent the city from healing but every turn it gets 20 health back. Why?
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    News: Which Civilization shall be the first for Civ6 GotM?

    After a long absence to Civ (played IV a lot but not V) I'm really looking forward to this. GOTM was always my primary source of knowledge about the game and it kept me playing the game, learning from what did all the others and compare it with the own actions. Thanks to the staff for...
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    News: BOTM 61 Results & Congratulations

    Congratulation to the winners! :goodjob:
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    SGOTM 16 - Plastic Ducks

    Congratulations :clap: I followed your thread closely.
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    News: GOTM 85 Results & Congratulations

    Congratulations!! evil_spock, 800AD is really fast! With what kind of units did you run the conquest?
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    News: GOTM 86 - Starts 1 January

    I tend also to go North - there are several Green Hills visible. A bit more food would be nice :)
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    GOTM 85 - Final Spoiler

    Conquest 1030AD 75AD Optics 350AD Astro 475AD Guilds -> Conquered Mansa and Qin with Knights 820AD MT -> Conquered Fred and Washington with Cavalry Fun game, thanks neilmeister!
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    GOTM 85 - First Spoiler

    A nice game for the Christmas holidays: Superb land and a top leader! My 1 AD report: - 8 cities - no more room left to settle another one. - Build 1240BC GLH and 1080 Oracle -> took Currency Tech rate is very high, I have CS, Monarchy, Literature and in two turns Machinery is in.
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    BOTM 61 -- Final Spoiler

    Here is my tech tree at 760AD: I did not lib it because this would take way more time - Paper, Education would be necessary. I wanted to have Astro early for faster shipments so I decided not to take the Paper, Education route that might make sense as I also wanted to have Military...
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