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May 24, 2022 at 3:06 AM
Sep 21, 2010
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July 4

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Artist and Modder, from Bangkok

sukritact was last seen:
May 24, 2022 at 3:06 AM
    1. Duke William of Normandy
      Duke William of Normandy
      Sukritact, if you don't mind me shamelessly plugging my own ideas, could you please check out my thread on the Civ-Ideas and Suggestions page? I would really appreciate it. :)
    2. Duke William of Normandy
      Duke William of Normandy
      Hey Sukritact. A big fan of you and your mods. I just came here to say I hope you have a good day and that your work continues to be excellent. :)
      1. sukritact likes this.
    3. AaronTBD
      If you don’t mind me asking, what is the leader on your avatar?
      1. sukritact
        Oct 19, 2020
      2. Lonecat Nekophrodite
        Lonecat Nekophrodite
        And you like him wearing felt hat over his iconic Industrial Era Sun Helmet?
        Apr 11, 2021
    4. Lonecat Nekophrodite
      Lonecat Nekophrodite
      As a fellow Civ6 player from Thailand (but living in a different city) and having a big mod project (under construction). How's your mod project goes? and tell me about 'Siam civ' mod thing please.
    5. Ryansinbela
      Do the leaders have fuller models if so can you show me some
    6. FurionHuang
      "PrototypeMusic\Game_Music_Master\Game_Music_Playlist\Scythia\Scythia_Music_Ancient\Scythia_AncientTheme_Kamence\Scythia_AncientTheme_Kamence", means which of them are work units, which are virtual folders, or switch container or playlist container or music segments.
      And just in case, do I need to specify music in any artdef? Or Mod.Art somewhere?
    7. FurionHuang
      Hey Suk would you mind if you share a little experience on creating music for MOD civilizations of Civ 6? I've been following this: http://pasted.co/080a8d95, but realized there's must be some trick in Wwise that I missed. Reading the bank.txt files I found for the music we should actually import under interactive music hierarchy, but couldn't figure out what are the following long path like:
    8. saigon1983
      Good day to you!
      I have two questions about your Civ5 mod Events and Decisions
      The 1st Q is: I translated your mod to Russian. How could I send you my files?
      The 2nd Q is: This mod is a little bit buggy and uncomplited. Will you improve these or your work with this mod ended long time ago?
      Thanks for your answer!
    9. Pheonecian6
      For the Edifices civ 5 mod, I started building Pyramids before i researched horses. So now there are horses inside the wonder... U should make it so that if you accidentally build an edifice somewhere there is a resource it deletes the resource.
    10. LordProtector
      I've jst been reading through the Eurocentricism thread on the Civ6 forum, and I just wanted to tell you that I support and agree with your position totally. To say nothing that your Hadrian is a dreamboat and I love him.
    11. KyteM
      FYI I updated my culture overview mod, in case you're already using it.
      Shouldn't need any more updates for a while now. :V
    12. Ballza
      ตอนนี้ติดตามภาค bnw ไหมครับ
    13. LordProtector
      :D Yes. I do! Actually just outside of London now, but I grew up there. I'm actually Belgian - at least my parents are and I was born there. So a naturalised Londoner at least. Any way, thak you very very much for letting me use the icon, and I shall credit you in sig. Thank you so much! LP
    14. LordProtector
      No worries! That's cool. What about your Trafalgar Square/Nelson's Column icon? Is that one free? - I really appreciate you getting back to me so quick! Cheers!

      - LP
    15. LordProtector
      Hi there sukritact! I'm pretty new to the forum, and I've been looking through your wonder icon art, and I think it is universally stunning. I'm in love with your Westminster Abbey icon, would you mind if I used it as my avatar on the forums? I wouldn't want to put it up without you permission, and if you'd rather I didn't, no worries!

      Thanks, LP.
    16. janboruta
      Hey sukritact!

      It's 2 AM in the night and I've just finished my first map. Thanks to your help, I could adjust to in-game size and style (hopefully). It isn't overly original, but I want to make those graphics run well with vanilla maps and DOM images. Original is about 1800x1800px for further work, but I resized it to civ selection screen size, to check if everything is legible. Please take a look :)


      Best regards,
    17. Ekmek
      FYI - its the metal ring that is also around the stock civ5 avatars and usually around techs
    18. Ekmek

      I see in the assets there is a file called "45x45baseframe.dds" but its too small and doesn't use layers. any chance you can replicate it or at a minimum add the metal ring to your icon template?
    19. Ekmek

      You do awesome buttons. Any chance you can post a civ5 button with just the sun rays as a template I can use for my own mods?
    20. Ballza
      ผมคนไทยเหมือนกัน ดีใจที่ได้เจอแฟนเกมciv v ที่เป็นชาวไทยเหมือนกัน :)
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