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Feb 7, 2019
Dec 8, 2001
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Feb 7, 2019
    1. Omega124
      WYOS is always accepting new members, so welcome to our club!

      As for how the thread operates, WYOS is supposed to be a single story written by multiple people. If you read everyone else's stories, we're slowly starting to interconnect our plotlines together to build a unified setting for our story. With that said, the world we built was decisively modern and takes place on our Earth, only with science fiction and fantasy abound in it. Don't be discouraged; what you posted could easily serve as a prequel to the events happening now, but WYOS should be focusing on the time period and setting everyone else is using.

      As said before, I would highly suggest reading everyone's stories and plan how you could try to tie in your stories with everyone else's, whether it would be a continuation of what you already posted or something unrelated. I see the effort you put into the stories, and we want passionate writers for the project. Just want to make sure you know what the purpose is.
    2. Crezth
      This might seem odd, but I can't stop laughing at your last post in the global warming thread.
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    I know how God can make a rock so big He can't lift it.

    FFH2 modular mod thread.
    Fall Further modules thread.
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