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Jan 22, 2021
    1. Manco Capac
      Manco Capac
      It's a shame you kept yourself silent. Especially when you're still alive on the forums. It's not having a paid job in gaming should refrain from looking your past accomplishments. Anyways, just passing by to say I really like TAM mod. It combines both my favorite era and challenge starting Emporer level and more.

      It is said PAE is its successor, but due to the heavy changes in basic mechanics, the AI couldn't keep up and even deity level is easy. For MP, it is fine, but TAM offers more challenge in single player.

      Anyways, if you happen to read this, check your official mod thread, I left some post where I am promoting the mod. That could be a nice read, especially there is a huge pool of pictures!

      A shame I wasn't there for the playtesting period because I would suggest many changes, especially to make the game more flexible.

      Despite this, I always return to this mod. My inner warmonger I guess.
    2. Manco Capac
      Manco Capac
      First, I have to say you I really like TAM mod for Civ4. Although the european map was an turnoff at first (although those well done), once I started my first EMP+ level random game on a random map, I finally came to my senses. This is when I saw full potential of the mod. Anyways, I commented deeper on the subject in the respective thread. Now I am on the blink to finish my first EMP large map game with the Minoans, I just stumbed upon "The Fertile Crescent" map. Sadly, it is adapted to, I think, Vanilla. Not the BTS TAM. Is there a way to convert? Can you convert? Now, I got how the game work, I wish to replay again in an earth-map format again.
    3. JA_Lamb
      Hi, I have just upgraded from CiV4 to BtS. As I have immensely enjoyed your TAM mod before, I am trying to re-upload it for the BtS version, but I was only succesful in uploading the game not the Leaderheads.

      Your site says that file has been removed. Please let me know if you intent to re-upload it so that I can obtain it. It really is a favourite.

      Great thanks for the wonderful work you and your team have done up till now.
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