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May 9, 2013
Feb 12, 2007
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Overseer, from Ohio

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May 9, 2013
    1. GamezRule
      You're signature is in need of an update.
    2. DWetzel
      SGFN8--about to post something, need a very quick opinion. Please take a look.
    3. GamezRule
      That completes it. :)
    4. TheOverseer714
      Its fine except for the red slash...
    5. GamezRule
      How do you like my new avatar... :D
    6. GamezRule
    7. TheOverseer714
      I'm healing up and resting, getting back to normal. Funny how much better you feel at home. I'm just waiting for my doctor to clear me for work.
      Ahh, but Civ3 has been my love for years. She'll still love me, even with competition;) The basic effect is that some of my weekends won't be for civ3, and I won't play some days until after 4. Spending time with my sweetie and all. Thanks for the warm welcome back, my friend:)
    8. ThinkTank
      Good to have you back and out of the hospital!

      And the the love bug - I guess that's good for you, bad for us junky-civvers?

      Anyway, all the best!
    9. TheOverseer714
      Thanks, I was in the wrong room
    10. Furiey
      Think of it as playing a succession game. Load the game, have a look, relate the instructions as best you can to what you see. You'll probably find getting started takes the longest as you become familiar with the game situation and the instructions. As you play the game, log what you do in the chat window, just like logging a succession game or GOTM. You will have to interpret and use your civ skills when playing as the instructions will not cover everything. Make decisions based on general intention in the forum if there is not a specific instruction. If it is something that needs to be discussed then don't worry and stop so it can be asked in the forum.

      Have you managed to get into the chat? I'm logging so don't worry about that, just use the chat link in the forum, when you get into #civfanatics type /join #turnchat to get into the place for the turnchat.

      Any specific questions I'll be happy to answer, once you've played a bit you'll get into the swing of it.
    11. TheOverseer714
      Spoonwood's people skills are nonexistent, I suspect he may be mentally challenged (Aspergar's Syndrome) Anyway, sorry to see what happened here. Best wishes to you, and most of all, thank you for your service to this country.
    12. timerover51
      Overseer, I have been living with pain for 33 years because of my army service. I no longer have the energy to deal with people like Spoonwood, or some of the others on this forum. I will check by for interesting maps, but that is it.

      Sincerely Yours,
      Dale R. Ridder
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