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  • I hope all my stupid questions and lack of civ gaming knowledge isn't too annoying.

    btw, to write on a persons wall, not your own.. you have to click "view conversation" first.
    It's not a problem. The CE bug is known and accepted for HOF games since before I was on the staff. Thanks for pointing it out though.

    while playing through my entry 2751, I found what seems like a bad exploit, I was using a communist government and civil enginners, and decided to rush a cathedral by using a granary first then cathedral, when I went to change to the cathedral I got the message are you sure you want to waste shields. A similar thing hapened with colosseum to university (not completing it but reducing it beyond my expectations), after these two events I did not do any more short rushing, this was quite late in the game and I do not think effected the finish date.


    Derek (del62)
    @del62-yes. If you're talking about your latest submission (#2670) then it is OK for that condition. I'm checking the rest of the game at the moment.
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