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  • Hey dude, what's up? I'm just doing some shameless advertising by letting ya know that I made an alt. history group here, so if you want to join, feel free!

    And it's down right now anyway!!! *sob*
    Once you do go on it, it will be in the Alternate History Books and Media section. It will be under there, along with the map threads, which occasionally have some 191 maps.

    And if you make an account, go to Alien Space Bats and go to Unite and Succeed 2: Map Game Revisited (it should really be secede). It is really fun. I will be looking forward to seeing you there once the site is back up.
    Finish HFR yet? Cause I'm cooking something up about the Great War Series.
    Need someone to talk about Southern Victory with xD. Besides, you can always back me up in an argument!
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