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Amazon units part 2 2016-10-05

Amazon units part 2

  1. Kathy
    The_Coyote, helped me to make the female versions of different units like the jeep, the bike etc...

    Cuirassier and Cavalry model, Cavalry is used for the dragoon.
    He also made the amazon guerilla (with berret).

    Credits for motorbike (male model) Refar, who put all together...
    Davidlalen idea/request for Fury Road (he actually asked for the punk variant...)
    Asioasioasio helped with parts of the Bike model.
    Texture on the Bike is mine, wheels form a model by Lemonsong.
    The Biker is Civ4 Antitank dude.
    The Punk is made by Chugginator.
    Animations i made from scratch.

    he made the male version of the jeep

    he made the female soldier, which is used for many other units, like grenade, riflewomen, musketwoman

    who made or collected different female units, and inspired me to start my project.

    If I forgot anyone who made one of the weapons the units use, please tell me, I will add.


    1. civ4screenshot0017_A73.jpg
    2. civ4screenshot0018_I8U.jpg
    3. civ4screenshot0019_hk9.jpg