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Austria Mod (Part 1) 2016-10-05

Austria Mod (Part 1)

  1. PW90

    This is a mod, which allows you basicly to play one of the 9 states of austria to fight for victory on my own made austrian map.
    For that I used many graphics from the forum here, so I have to thank all people contributing their graphics. :goodjob:

    Features are listed in the two Excel (one in german, one in english)
    By the way taoism and confucianism are replaced by orthodoxy and protestantism.

    In english version there are almost no civilopedia texts for the UU's and UB's, so sorry for that. :blush:

    To upload the whole mod to civfanatics I divided it into to parts.
    Part 1 is all of the xml data, the austrian map which is also available as a standalone and some graphical stuff and part 2 is the rest of the graphical stuff. ;)

    To install:
    1. Download Part 1 and extract it to your beyond the sword mod-folder

    2. Download Part 2 and copy the Folder "res" (Assets) to "Austria Mod Teil 1/Assets"

    3. Then put the folder "interface" and "structures" under "assets/art" to "Austria Mod Teil 1/Assets/art"

    4. Then put the rest of the leaderhead pictures from folder "assets/art/leaderheads" to "Austria Mod Teil 2/assets/art/leaderheads"

    5. Finally rename the folder "Austria Mod Teil 1" into "Austria Mod"

    Hopefully this is not to complicated. Don't hesitate to ask, if you have a question. :crazyeye:

    Discussion Thread is here


    1. civ4screenshot0055_9lk.jpg
    2. civ4screenshot0083_kQE.jpg