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Avro Arrow V 2.0 2016-10-05

V 2.0

This is a older model of mine I just finished up today.

A little history:
You non-Canadians may wonder what the Avro Arrow is.

It was a Canadian built aircraft that was well ahead of it's day.
Unfortunately, it was canceled near the end for various reasons that have come to light, and with much controversy

It's main purpose was to intercept Russian bombers if the Cold War erupted openly. They were the main threat as they carried Nuclear Weapons. By the time of it's cancellation though, ICBM's had surpassed the bombers as the main threat, and fighters would not be able to intercept them.

That is one of the supposed reasons of the cancellation, as the US market was gone.

Another hypothetical reason for the US governments opposition to it was that it was the only aircraft at the time that could get high enough to check out what the US Spyplanes were doing.

It is hard to believe that this aircraft was approved in '55, and being built soon thereafter.

V 2.0: I changed the skin and model a little thanks to Snafusmith's suggestions.
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