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Aztec Knight 2016-10-05

Finally, after a two-month long struggle, this unit is finally completed. The model was constructed once, and half of the animations were completed. Then, my hard drive broke and I lost all my data. So, I had to really start over from scratch: reinstalling Poser, downloading my and Kinboat's figures and props again, etc. And now, the unit has been reconstructed--better than originally . . .

So, before I become so sick of this unit that I don't want to post it, here is the Aztec Knight. I know that this has been a highly requested unit in the past, so I hope that I don't disappoint anyone with it. I tried to stay more or less truthful to Kal-el's conceptual drawing, but I made some changes like the shield pattern, weapon, and armor. Hopefully, everyone will approve of the alterations.

I'm pretty happy with the unit, I'd have to say. I hope you all enjoy it too. It's been almost three months since my last unit, so I hope that I didn't make any mistakes with the palettes or image sizes; I have to admit to feeling a little rusty. :)

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