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[BNW] Falcon AI: Diplomacy 2016-10-05

[BNW] Falcon AI: Diplomacy

  1. Falconiano

    Brave New World Version - Works with Brave New World version

    This mod makes the AI behave more sanely by removing the nonsense and improving the other aspects.

    - The big "warmonger" diplomacy penalty for declaring war only happens if you war your friends, another civ's friend (in which case you get a penalty with their friends only) or dishonor your promises: no penalty for just warring an attacker for instance.
    - The flawed denouncing system was removed: the malus from Denouncing and its duration were removed so it does nothing when they do it.
    - Denouncing can now be used to end a friendship. Note that this will give you a penalty with the civ in question, and any friend said civ has.
    - Friendship means friendship. Solid, faraway friends will very rarely declare war, and even if they do you'll likely be friends again when war is over unless you did something wrong to them such as capturing their cities.
    - If a friend of theirs organized a secret pact with them to war you, they join up the war, but won't impact diplomacy.
    - Diplomacy consequences of war depend on the reason of war; if it was merely a territorial dispute there is just a minor hit and you'll be friends again if you peace, but they will hate you if the war reasons are something like you spying on them or stealing.

    AI will STILL hate you if:
    - You disrespect promises, pacts, friendships.
    - You did mean stuff like demanding/spying/steal territory (they may accept demands if weaker tho).
    - You defend a city state not allowing them to ask tributes and such.
    - You attack or bully a city state they protect/are allied with.
    - You have a land dispute with them; while the land dispute hit is sufficient for them to declare war and hate you a little bit, it will not make them hostile.

    Basically now you are treated depending on what you actually do.

    => Place the mod in User/Documents/My Games/Sid Meier's Civilization 5/MODS
    => Enable mod in the game


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