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Bob III's "5 Asian Civs" Map for Warlords 2016-10-05

Bob III's "5 Asian Civs" Map for Warlords

  1. Bob III
    Bob III's "5 Asian Civs" Map for Warlords (Tiny)

    Be afraid! Be very afraid!

    This map is for Warlords and has the 5 Asian Civs. It's a tiny, chain-type map with as many resources crammed in as possible without being stupid. There is some kind of a "New World" but it is somewhat small. There are also some small islands, which should give everyone somewhere to go after they outgrow their starting point.

    Mongolia (Kublai Khan)
    Korea (Wang Kon)
    China (Qin Shi Huang)
    India (Asoka)
    Japan (Tokugawa)

    Changes in v1.1
    -India starting point changed.
    -New island added east of China starting point.
    -New land squares added in various locations.