[BTS 3.19] 19th and 20th Century mod 2.3 2016-10-05

[BTS 3.19] 19th and 20th Century mod 2.3

  1. NotSoGood
    Here it is propably the final version, the 2.3 version of my awesome mod. Mainly it focuses into industrial and modern ages. Please give some feedback if you download it. :goodjob:

    19th and 20th Century mod
    for BTS 3.19​

    Mirror download from Atomic Gamer
    Remember to check the thread for patches. Currently there are no patches.
    Supports only English.

    About the mod
    The idea for this mod started, because I have myself always prefered the late game in civ. Unfortunately it always took SOO much time to get there, and the late game start, where you start in any other than ancient era, weren't realistic at all. So I decided to make a mod focusing the late game. Like the name says it focuses to 19th and 20th centuries. The name may sound stupid and wierd because I didn't have any better ideas, but that shouldn't change the game play. :p I started making it by asking what do you other people want in it. I have myself always lacked ideas. But anyway, I got lots of great answeres and help from these great forums. In the future I'm going to focus more coding than graphics but not going to forget them totally.

    I have redone nearly the entire tech tree, but the late game might still need some fixing and balancing. Also because I have deleted old parts (buildings, eras, tech, units, etc...) the events and quests can have wrong text messages and even effects.

    I recommend you to play with many civs and large or huge map with epic or marathon speed. The research speed has been made in the noble difficulty to almost represent the real history. (I have tested it myself, and it's fairly possible that you play better than me :p)

    And in the end enormous thanks to jdog5000, without the help I got this mod wouldn't have been finished.
    This is my first mod so I would like to know what you think about it. If there are problems with the mod or if you would like to change something, post to the thread! And please, if you download give me some feedback.

    Current features

    Known issues
    -Many buttons are still missing

    Future plans
    -bug fixing and support

    Please inform me if you find any bugs or errors. Also tell me everything you think should be changed. New ideas and suggestions are still welcome.

    Version History:
    Spoiler :
    Version 2.3
    -merged in veBear's new Norway citynamelist
    -added veBear's new scenario
    -added veBear's new civilopedia for Norway
    -added Better BUG AI
    -added a missing case MISSION_RBOMBARD to CvSelectionGroup that caused a CTD
    -partly merged in Better BUG AI revision 100 and 101
    -added the max units per tile option
    -fixed AI training settlers in new built cities, they will concentrate to workers and units first
    -fixed a possible crash with LeadFromBehind calling Surround and Destroy wrong time
    -fixed AI logic when hiring units
    -fixed a CTD when running intolerant and the old capital was captured and you changed civic
    -fixed Football Stadium's button
    -changed the max exp after upgrade back to 10
    -changed Survival require Combat V
    -fixed: when bombarding improvements, you could miss but still gain exp
    -changed: removed the -20% War weariness from Mobilization
    -changed: modern road requires motorized transport
    -removed the ability to upgrade pre-dreadnoughts into torpedoboats
    -changed monasteries to require statereligion and cathedrals to national wonders to prevent culture/science spamming
    -updated Better BUG AI to revision 105
    -updated BUG to revision 2239
    -fixed: you can no longer rbombard your own improvements
    -fixed the WeLoveTheKingDay event
    -nerfed industry improvements
    -fixed public works' and ice hotel's buttons
    -fixed a small bug in civ naming when running absolutism
    -removed the upgrade from machine guns to armored cars to prevent them getting city garrison promotions
    -fixed the projects' help text
    -balanced Ruthless AI code, the AI isn't forced to build a huge SoD but that doesn't mean you should trust them
    -added: pinch promotions require copper, should make copper more valuable
    -added a possiblity to remove marsh
    -added veBear's suggestions

    Version 2.23
    -added new button for Absolutism
    -swapped heavy and dense industries arts
    -changed the dense industry to be little better than heavy (no unhappiness and more hammers)
    -changed the machine gun have +25% combat vs mounted units
    -changed combustion to require armored vehicles
    -changed pre-dreadnought to require only iron
    -fixed a CTD when changing from Monarchy to any other religion
    -added a World War I scenario

    Version 2.22

    -changed Austria-Hungary's adjective to Austrian and short desc to Austria
    -fixed Soviet Union naming with Dynamic Civ names
    -changed the score board to show the entire civ name
    -tweaked leader war rands

    Version 2.21

    -changed the civ limit back to 36
    -added a fixed version of 20 century scenario

    Version 2.2

    -added new city names for Norwegian cities
    -added has met check to trade penalty
    -added Surround and Destroy modcomp
    -fixed, you won't get great general points from rbombarding
    -succesfully added an iHealth tag to ImprovementInfos
    -added heavily modified great generals from barbarian combat modcomp
    -added cultural citystyles 0.95
    -added a traits page to sevopedia
    -slowered improvement building
    -changed industrious trait to give only +25% wonder production
    -fixed german rifleman button
    -fixed a crash because of a missing building art define
    -added vicinity bonus tags to unitinfos and buildinginfos
    -changed fort's modern art define a bit
    -changed ironworks to normal building but made it require iron in city's vicinity
    -reduced iron appereance to the same level as in the original game
    -added Multiple Production game mod
    -fixed bug, you could rebase airplanes to bridges
    -added modern routes, finaly ;)
    -added lead from behind modcomp
    -updated GWmod to 1.10
    -added hover text on improvement build info to show improvement's health change
    -ranged bombard, you can bombard enemy units in frindly terrotory
    -added episionage process that can only be build if having communism ideology
    -added bNoUnhappinessInCapital to CivicInfos + AI code
    -fixed: now negative military unit production bonus should work
    -fixed: bug in civilopedia showing unit bombardrate twice
    -fixed: bug in ranged bombard AI, caused a crash
    -added better air interception, Occasional Promotions, Ruthless AI, barbarian world,
    barbarian generals game options
    -fixed: barbarian world's and barbarian generals' descriptions were wrong
    -moved field medic, survival and skimisher promotions to DLL
    -readded musketman and rifling
    -added attitude modifiers to civics
    -added civic flavors
    -managed to hide permanent improvements, monor civ and barbarian civ and leader in sevopedia
    -fixed a CTD on modern era start
    -hire unit works
    -updated Better BTS AI to 1.00
    -fixed: can hire units only when running hired army civic
    -removed unique unit artstyles
    -updated cultural citystyles to 0.98
    -added leader craphics to pilsudski
    -added war prizes and super spies
    -added heavily modified dynamic civ names
    -added religion/ideology buttons and icons
    -marsh terrain has been added to map generation
    -added PerfectWorld2 mapscript and modified it to add marsh
    -fixed bug receiving gold from dispanding units outside your borders
    -removed UNITAI_ATTACK from light cannon, should prevent the AI from using it to explore

    Version 2.15

    -added diplomacy texts to shaka
    -changed most of the leader's way they act
    -merged small text files into bigger files
    -fixed the Earth map scenario
    -added bunch of new civics and edited the old ones
    -cavalry tactics doesn't require scientific method
    -mobilization no longer gives -50% war weariness
    -fixed modern privateer's cost
    -removed stats box from leader head page in civilopedia
    -fixed some of the events and quests
    -added a 7th ideology to fix the TGA file
    -raised light cannon's cost
    -fixed mexican early cavalry button
    -changed theory of relativity to indutrial era
    -fixed bug you couldn't convert to any ideology
    -added buildings for anarcism ideology
    -changed radar station's position in city choose production list
    -changed many of the tanks' abilities
    -flamethrower requires physics and indutrialism
    -packed art files and imported cPickle as pickle

    Version 2.1

    -added Global Warming mod
    -added marsh in global warming cycle
    -added flavor religion civics to some leaders
    -civic fascism requires fascism state religion
    -resized early tank, ironclad battleship and bunker improvement
    -made coal, iron, oil and horse appear more often
    -reduced research speed
    -fixed egypt worker unit
    -fixed issue that artillery couldn't RBombard
    -airplanes can now destroy routes
    -added some AI logic to it
    -changed ranged bombard to do more damage to units
    -fixed V1 and guided missile animations
    -redid the tech tree
    -balanced research speed
    -added buid cost to railroad
    -fixed error in tech research
    -added new leader head graphics for Nehru
    -fixed the dawnofman bug
    -added <iDCMBombRangeChange> tag to PromotionInfos
    -can RBombard only units you can see
    -added <iDCMBombAccuracyChange> tag to PromotionInfos
    -you get experience from bombarding
    -fixed bug you couldn't trade the techs I had added
    -help text should now appear correctly in projects
    -fixed bug with greece SoTL
    -fixed israelian diplomacy text
    -removed christian monastery from building class infos
    -fixed makefile to be able to build debug DLLs
    -resized some units
    -added a seafring trait
    -changed some religion texts to ideology
    -added shaka and the zulus back
    -route air bombing can now be turned off if you want in GlobalDefinesAlt
    -changed AI logic to bombing only routes (most likely won't target tiles with only route)
    -fixed brazilian early cavalry button
    -made uhlan and cossack require same techs as cavalry
    -KV1 requires same things as heavy tank
    -reduced marathon turns to 1200
    -aggressive doesn't give +50% production of drydock
    -changed some of the leader's traits
    -commented out unused unit-,leader head- and movie graphics from ArtDefines
    -changed George I to philosiphical and expansive
    -added help text to mobilization civic

    Version 2.0

    -added JRouteNative and fixed borders
    -added new terrain, marsh
    -fixed few mistakes
    -added lots of new units and unit graphics
    -added more wonders, traits, civics and promotions
    -fixed the marsh desert error
    -added totally new religions and changed religions into political movements/ideologies
    -improved diplomacy texts
    -fixed archery and melee popups
    -changed the max experience after upgrade to 999 (you won't lose any experience after upgrade anymore)
    -fixed the Gustav V leaderhead eyebrown problem
    -fixed tornado and volcano events, again
    -fixed the mysterious crash
    -added new religion buildings
    -changed jaeger stats
    -removed useless obsolated events
    -added text message and button when unit survives from combat
    -improved civics
    -removed monastries completely
    -fixed Russian modern armor skin
    -added democracy tech
    -fixed peak on city error...again
    -redid some event texts
    -made tornado disappear faster
    -removed all free wins vs barbarians
    -changed tornado event to add city ruins if there is cottage, hamlet, etc.
    -mod now works with 3.19
    -removed JRouteNative and fixed borders
    -removed unused definitions in BuildingClassInfos.xml and UnitClassInfos.xml
    -balanced research speed
    -removed ability to found cities on marsh

    Version 1.2

    -changed WW2 transport to not needing oil and uranium
    -Scenario Earth 1800: added 2 riflemen and 1 worker to Portugal
    -added new main menu screen
    -lowered the appereance of tornado event
    -fixed the flamethrower flame
    -fixed guerrilla button error
    -fixed WW2 Transport graphic error
    -added attitude icons
    -added three new civs: Iraq, Iran and Vietnam
    -added leaders to them
    -redid some of the flags and buttons
    -added civilopedia texts to the new civs and leaders
    -removed unitcombats archer and melee
    -added BETTER BTS AI v0.60 and Ranged Bombard
    -lowered maw civ limit to 36
    -fixed that event error when a mountain appeared on city

    Version 1.1

    -fixed some writing mistakes
    -removed JRouteNative
    -changed civ limit to 40
    -added graphical events Volcano and Tornado
    -added era name
    -new flags added for every civ
    -added bunch of new units and technologies
    -changed amphibious promotion reguire Amphibious Warfare
    -fixed city name and tech splash popup screens
    -a new unit combat type added
    -added new tech splash screen
    -added new resource, cars
    -added buttons for added techs and some units
    -added UU and UB to Norway
    -added a scenario
    -changed William I from creative to expansive
    -fixed the tornado and volcano events

    Version 1.0

    -added JRouteNative and sevopedia
    -readme text for both
    -deleted some old civilizations
    -new civilizations
    -new leaders
    -changed civilization buttons
    -civilopedia texts
    -fixed sevopedia
    -leaderhead graphics
    -deleted units that weren't needed
    -changed hills', forests' and jungles' defensive bonus
    -compiled ancient, classical, medieval and renaissance technologies into their own technologies
    -removed ancient, classical, medieval and renaissance eras
    -fixed the tech tree
    -diplomacy texts
    -removed a lot of wonders
    -added unique buildings and unique units for almost all civs
    Spoiler :
    I would like to thank all the people who has made any graphics to the database. Because of my lack with graphics I have used lots of graphics found here. Also great thanks to those who were helping me to learn programming. (Yes that's true, because of civ, I decided to learn C++ :D)

    achilleszero - unit graphics
    Acronym2 - unit graphics
    Afforess - realistic diplomacy, better air interception, ruthless ai, civic attitudes and flavors
    AlazkanAssasin - unit graphics
    Andrew Jay - unit graphics
    Arian - wonder movies
    asioasioasio - building and unit graphics
    avain - leader head optimizations
    Baal Isidro - unit graphics
    Bakuel - unit graphics
    Berenthor - unit graphics
    bernie14 - leader head and unit graphics
    better BTS AI team - Better BTS AI (the base of this mod)
    Buddy3101 - unit graphics
    BUG team - traits page in sevopedia
    C.Roland - leader head and unit graphics
    cameronpollett - unit graphics
    cephalo - PerfectWorld2 mapscript
    Chamaedrys - building and unit graphics
    Chuggi - leader head and unit graphics
    Dale - ranged bombard
    danrell - unit graphics
    darkstyx - leader head graphics
    Denev - Multiple production mod
    Deon - unit graphics
    dexy - surrond and destroy mod comp
    draco 963 - Great generals from barbarian combat modcomp
    Dr. Funkshadow - leader head graphics
    dutchking - leader head and unit graphics
    Ekmek - leader head graphics
    EmperorFool - SDK teaching
    Esnaz - building graphics
    Fierabras - volcano and tornado events
    FourtyTwo - unit graphics
    Frekk - base code for war prizes
    FuzzyWuzzyBunny - unit graphics
    GarretSidzaka - unit graphics
    Gedemon - unit graphics
    GeneralMatt - unit graphics
    GeoModder - Cultural Citystyles
    GeS - unit graphics
    GFO Anubis - unit graphics
    hrochland - events and building graphics
    jdog5000 - dynamic civ names, help creating mod
    Iloveplayciv - leader heads
    JF00 - unit graphics
    Jimmyballz - building graphics
    jooyo - iHealth tag for improvements
    Kael - Barbarian World
    Kao'chai - leader head graphics
    killmeplease - occasional promotions
    kodzi - building and unit graphics
    KrugerPritz - unit graphics
    mechaerik - unit graphics, war prizes modcomp
    Minor Annoyance - Global Warming mod
    ModFreak - unit graphics
    mourndraken - leader head graphics
    Mozza - unit graphics
    nautil - unit graphics
    NikNaks - unit graphics
    Rabbit, White - unit graphics
    Refar - leader head and unit graphics
    Roamty - new tech spalash screen
    Robo Magic Man - unit graphics
    sepamu92 - unit graphics
    sephi - SDK teaching, has met check to trade penalty
    Sevo - building graphics
    Sevopedia team - sevopedia
    seZereth - unit graphics
    Sharick - unit graphics
    Shqype - VicinityBonus modcomp
    Skyre Noktis - SDK teaching
    snafusmith - unit graphics
    strategyonly - unit graphics
    Swarog - unit graphics
    The Capo - leader head and unit graphics
    The Conguests - unit graphics
    The Coyote - leader head and unit graphics
    The_J - unit graphics, python components
    TheLopez - Great generals from barbarian combat modcomp
    Thomas SG - unit graphics, Great generals from barbarian combat modcomp
    Total realism team - unit graphics
    Trojan Sheep - super spies modcomp
    tsentom1 - python components
    UncutDragon - lead from behind
    veBear - ideas, norway city list, religion/ideology buttons
    Von Salza - unit graphics
    Walter Hawkwood - building and unit graphics
    Wolfshanze - unit graphics
    Wyz sub10 - leader head graphics
    Xenomorph - unit graphics
    xienwolf - SDK teaching
    zenspider - unit graphics
    Zerver - unit graphics
    And also great thanks to wikipedia. Tell me also if I have forgotten you from the credits.
    Please don't post here, post to the thread!


    Have fun playing and hope you enfoy! ;)