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[BtS] Alt Religions 2016-10-05

[BtS] Alt Religions

  1. Alulim
    This mod replaces all of the religions in the game with made up, but hopefully realistic seeming, religions. For an explanation of why I would do this, you can take a look at the companion mod to this, Alt City Names. All of the missionaries, buildings, and appropriate buttons and icons have been replaced. I took the liberty of making two small adjustments to gameplay as well; Cathedrals and shrines give additional benefits to differentiate the religions, and two of the late religions have been moved to earlier techs. One reason for the movement is that I've found the very late religions usually play almost no role in the game. Another is that I wanted to spread the religions around a little so it wasn't always the same few leaders founding all of them.

    1. Oroborianism
      Founded by: Meditation
      Cathedral extras: +25% Science
      Shrine Extras: +100% Science
    2. Sutism
      Founded by: Polytheism
      Cathedral extras: +100% Culture (replaces the standard +50%), +2 Happiness (in addition to the +2 you get if Sutism is your state religion)
      Shrine Extras: +100% Culture, +1 Happiness in all your cities
    3. Ezbolism
      Founded by: Monotheism
      Cathedral extras: +20% Science, +1 Health
      Shrine Extras: +100% Science
    4. Vaalkazism
      Founded by: Horseback Riding
      Cathedral extras: +25% Military Production, New land units receive +2 XP
      Shrine Extras: +100% Military Production, New land units receive +2 XP
    5. Word of the Lawgiver
      Founded by: Code of Laws
      Cathedral extras: -25% Upkeep
      Shrine Extras: +100% Science
    6. Krondism
      Founded by: Construction
      Cathedral extras: +15% Production, +5% Prod. with marble, +5% Prod. with stone
      Shrine Extras: +50% Production
    7. Church of the Golden Flame
      Founded by: Theology
      Cathedral extras: +50% Gold
      Shrine Extras: +100% Gold, +1 Commerce from Priest specialists in all cities

    The civilopedia entries describe the religions and their shrines but they're all pretty brief. This is intentional, so you can assume whatever history is appropriate for your game.

    1. Unzip the download into your "Mods" directory. Either the one in "My Documents\My Games\beyond the sword" or the one in the directory you installed the game in should work.
    2. This uses the modular loading system included with BtS, which for some reason is disabled by default. So you need to edit your CivilizationIV.ini file (the one in "My Documents\My Games\beyond the sword"). Look for the line "ModularLoading = 0" (without the quotes) and change the 0 to a 1.

    Forum thread: here. And for more information on combing this with other mods, see this post.


    1. advisor_hnX.jpg
    2. buildings_4Y1.jpg
    3. missionaries_LIH.jpg
    4. missionaries2_3M4.jpg