[BTS] Mini Mod: Tweaking resources/improvements. 2016-10-05

[BTS] Mini Mod: Tweaking resources/improvements.

  1. civ2
    My first somewhat serious try on resource modding.
    The main feature is spawning resources by building improvements: MINE, FARM and COTTAGE specifically.
    You can only spawn those resources that can be worked at the time.
    Which means no Uranium spawning in Medieval.


    Spoiler :

    It does 2 things (and was done in those 2 major steps too)
    1. Simple value tweaking - making resources much more useful.
    2. Improvements tweaking - this was done after reading THIS tutorial.
    The second part includes:
    a. Taking MINE and FARM, and adding MINE_2 and FARM_2.
    b. The original upgrade is made "cottage style" to immediately upgrade into the second/new one.
    So what's the catch?
    c. The first upgrade doesn't give BONUS bonuses.
    Instead, it SPAWNS resources!
    Like, build a FARM on an normal tile, and you can get a RICE!
    Same goes for MINE - need some GOLD?
    I made the discovering values very small (aka chances VERY high), but my first tests were with low chances.
    Which made it kinda GAMBLING.
    Cause the _2 thingy gives useful stuff ONLY with resources!
    So there was a chance of an "abandoned mine" that was just sitting there, EMPTY.
    Which meant you had to change it to, say, COTTAGE, and then rebuild it for another TRY!
    d. Now almost the same was done with COTTAGE.
    It now can spawn ALL other resources that aren't spawned by MINE/FARM!
    Except for WATER ones - I found no way to spawn them...

    I'm awaiting everyone's reviews on this "mod", and maybe someone knows THIS:
    How to make resources spawn WITHOUT building improvements???
    Why those WATER/LAND_WORKED things don't work like other improvements???
    I tried to make them do the trick, but it didn't happen...